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We find the right solution for every need and provide you with comprehensive information when it comes to renting in Frankfurt and in the Rhine-Main area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rental apartment?

The term apartment is generally understood to mean rooms connected to the outside world (architectural dimension), which enable the management of one's own household (behavioral dimension). A rental apartment is an apartment that is not occupied by the owner himself, but is rented out for residential purposes. The owner can be determined by looking at the land register.

How do I find a cheap apartment?

Especially if you have a limited budget for rental expenses, you need affordable housing. These are of course quickly sold out, and you have to be skilful if you want to get hold of one of the most coveted shortage copies. Cheap apartments are more likely to be found on the outskirts of large cities, but they are often so well connected to the public transport network that you can get anywhere quickly. If you really want to live very centrally, you can get one
Have a certificate of residence permit issued. However, this is only available if you can prove that you have a particularly low income.

What is the housing market like in my city?

The housing market in Germany varies greatly from city to city and from state to state. The rents are also anything but uniform. In order to know what rent you have to pay, you should inquire about the current rent index in the relevant region in good time. Immobilienscout24 gives you a comprehensive impression of how the housing market is developing in your region or city. Enter the desired place of residence and filter by basic rent and other functions.

The rental costs

  • The cost of the rental apartment is made up of the price for the apartment per square meter and the additional costs.

  • The rent index of the city or the district offers a first clue as to whether the amount of the rental costs is justified. However, it only plays a role in rent increases, otherwise it has no legal binding force. In most cities, price negotiations are uncommon and not welcomed.

  • When it comes to additional costs, a distinction must be made between warm and cold additional costs. The electricity costs are not yet included in the cold ancillary costs; these will be billed separately by the energy supplier.

The following points must be regulated in the rental agreement for landlords and tenants:

  • Minor repairs

The type and scope of minor repairs must be regulated in the rental agreement for living spaces. The tenant's deductible must also be recorded here.

  • Deposit

The agreement of a deposit and its amount must be included in the rental agreement. The landlord can only demand the deposit if there is a corresponding clause.

  • Additional costs

Even if the payment of ancillary costs seems natural, it must be agreed in the rental agreement. Theoretically, you are otherwise not allowed to submit an additional cost statement.

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