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The following evidence should be brought to the inspection:

  • The tenant self-assessment contains the most important information about the tenant's economic situation. There is no obligation to provide information, but if the self-disclosure is refused, the landlord will doubt the suitability of the interested party. Therefore, a proof of salary should also be enclosed.

  • The rental debt exemption certificate is filled out by the previous landlord and is a kind of certificate of good conduct, which is intended to protect against rental nomads. It certifies that the tenant has met his payment obligations on time.

  • The Schufa credit report is the credit check of the largest German credit report. It serves the tenant as proof of his creditworthiness. If no own (or no regular) income can be proven, the landlord will in many cases demand a guarantee from the parents or close relatives.

  • In the case of foreign prospects, the landlord will ask for a current passport or a residence permit as a copy or to view the additional costs. The energy certificate - compulsory from May 1, 2014 - provides information about the energy balance of the rental house.

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