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We work directly with our astute and market-savvy Croatia based partners Jan Veznaver and Nataša Kraljević, blessed with expertise on prime Istria properties. 

Hard tangible life time assets such as Croatian coastal real estate, provide maximum ROI, versus risky gambles on Bitcoin, gold futures and the NYSE.

Many Western European vacationers travel by auto to our Istria, Croatia coast, during their summer holidays.


And immediately fall in love with the inherent beauty of our country, and decide to buy properties on the Adriatic Sea. 


Considering the high ROI realized by purchasing, they rent their homes during the months, when they are not vacationing.


In a short period of time, depending on the amount invested, the buyers recoup their initial expenditure.


Buying and/or building real estate on our Istria coast, is also a very profitable investment for all of our overseas clients.


The prices of construction materials are similar as in their home countries, while our Croatian labor force is still inexpensive comparatively.


Oversea visitors buy homes in attractive locations, that are conveniently reached by automobile. 


A tremendous motivation for buying real estate, is that Croatia is rapidly developing as a highly desired world class tourist destination.


And luxurious accommodations featuring swimming pools are in high demand, and are appraised at the highest prices ever recorded.


In Rovinj, Istria, the average rental price per square meter in 2022 was approximately 5,000 €.


And now in 2024, it has risen by 50% to 10,000 €.


A prime example is the villa owned by Nataša Kraljević, our partner:


She bought an old house in 1990 for 1.000 € that needed extensive remodeling.   


In 2018 after renovation completion, the bank appraised the residence @ 200.000,00 €


Based on the appreciation, she was approved for a mortgage of 180.000,00 € to effect further upgrades.


After completion in 2021, Nataša’s home was valued @ 550.000,00 €


Today in 2024, Christie's International Real Estate offered her 1.2 Million €

A Billionaire real estate  sage once stated: "God created only so much beachfront", and that is what Istria, Croatia exclusively offers.


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